Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Christmas Werewolf

Is everyone feeling festive?  We have two new ornaments on the tree this year...

a sparkly Tardis and

a cheery red Dalek.

Nigel made sure that the Dalek shared the top of the tree with Darth Vader.  Evil must reign, and all that!
And a smidge more darkness...

this little fellow.  I meant to have him made for Hallowe'en, but didn't get him started until early November.  Does he look a wee bit pudgy?

Well, that's because he's really a werewolf.

Wait, no, he's just a regular guy...

Ack!  No, no it's a werewolf!
Oooh, it's a Topsy Turvy Werewolf.  Clever, yes?
I'll show you something I made this December (see, I am getting  caught up), these lovely, cosy mittens.  Made for me!
These were based on the Westie Mittens pattern by Michelle Czyzo.  I worked them in Filatura Di Crosa Zara in black and Elann Pure Angora in white.  The pattern was very sweet, but I didn't trust the stitch numbers with the suggested yarn and needles size.  It looked as though they'd knit up too narrow and too long for my hands, so I redrafted the entire pattern.  I ended up deleting the first nine rows of the body of the mitten and adding a traditional Norwegian gored thumb - my favourite thumb - does anyone else have a favourite thumb?.   

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Nigel said...

Have yourself an evil little Christmas...