Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long Live Edgar

The September handmade-of-the-month arrived at Jane's yesterday. Since the weather is starting to turn (hooray!), I knit a sweet and simple scarf for those blustery days just around the corner.

I thought the Edgar scarf pattern from might be just the ticket, so I made Jane an Edgar.

Not just any Edgar, but Edgar the First. He's knit in Noro Silk Garden in happy shades of pink and orange and blue.

I liked this pattern so much I thought I'd make one for Elly too, in blues and browns.

And then, I liked it oh so very much, I made one for myself as well, hot pink and magenta.

That's Edgar the Second and Edgar the Third.

I quickly realised that we couldn't leave Thea out of this scarf dynasty.

So Edgar the Fourth was born, in blues and greens

Viva La Handmade!


Jane said...

I love my Edgar! The colours are perfect. My friend, Mable, really liked it too!

MartianGirl said...

Mable loved them! Thanks sooo much it's the perfect thing for those cool fall days ahead(with a turtle neck of course)! Not to hot and not to cold!