Friday, September 19, 2008

Turning 100

Time seems to be ticking extra fast since I got home. The jet lag has just dragged on and on for me. So before we begin decorating for Hallowe'en, I thought I should show you some of what's on and off the needles.

While at This is Knit in Dublin I picked up some Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed.

In pink,

and green.

The pink is being made into a hat for Elly.

The pattern is by Jared Flood, the Koolhaas hat from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2007 issue. I like this pattern very much, but the yarn I've chosen doesn't work that well with the pattern. The detail of the honeycomb cable would be much more effective in a smooth yarn (it gets lost a bit in the tweed). However, it will be warm and it'll co-ordinate with her new winter coat she bought herself.

It's very ooh-la-la in wool and cashmere. I treated her to the matching umbrella.

While I was in Dublin I finished this little silk scarf.

This pattern was uber easy, just yarn over, knit 2 together on every row. The yarn was Rumple by Handmaiden Yarns. In a very pretty metallic mauve. It was so quick and easy, in fact, that I needed another project while I was still in Dublin. Diane from the knitting group had just finished knitting herself a shawl that sounded supremely quick and easy, and so...

I bought some Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend in yet another purpley, heather colour. I also bought a set of 15mm knitting needles (yes, that's gigantic) and knit an entire shawl from just one hank of this stuff.

The entire shawl is just garter stitch, starting with three stitches and adding one stitch at each end of every row. It grows incredibly quickly. I finished it while still in Dublin and left Elly with the giant needles in case she wants to knit one for herself.

And she didn't just score knitting needles and an umbrella. Nigel and I bought her a new best friend/companion/pet.

After she'd opened all the packaging and plugged it in she said, "I love you".

She wasn't talking to me.

I also bought her a tea set. A little something cheerful for those bleak winter days ahead.

Isn't it adorable? It made me laugh and laugh in the store.

As for the title of this post, well, this is my 100th post!

Let's all celebrate with a dose of The Cure.


ambermoggie said...

Happy 100th:)
some wonderful colours there:)

Nigel said...

Congrats on reaching 100! You don't look a day over 50!!!

ian said...

Congrats from me as well! It's not everyone who gets to 100.

Luv that tea set... oh and all those fun knitting projects as well. Elly sure seems to love her pink!

emerald_away said...

The umbrella doesn't match, it coordinates.

shillelagh said...

Happy 100th Post! I can't imagine getting to that milestone..

Love the little tea set you bought Elly. It's SO cheerful.

Elana said...

The tea set rocks. Have you done the shawl yet? I might need to do that with some Kureyon...