Monday, September 1, 2008

We're Away!

Okay, our plane doesn't actually leave for another six hours, but this will be my last post for a bit.

I found a great hank of yarn in my stash.

It's 100% spun silk in a metallic mauve boucle. The hank comes with a complimentary pattern for an easy garter stitch triangular shawl which I'm ditching in favour of a long rectangular open-work scarf. Should be easy-peasy and oh-so-satisfying on completion.

Though Winnipeg and Toronto airports permit knitting needles, Dublin's doesn't, so I won't be taking this on the plane. I don't fancy a shake-down from Irish customs to start off Elly's stay in the country. It's an overnight flight anyway. I'm bringing Joseph Campbell's "The Hero With a Thousand Faces". Not the lightest read in the library, but I think I've lingered too long with Lemony Snicket these last few years.

I'll try to post something from an internet cafe while I'm there, but can't give you any guarantees.



Anonymous said...

wow! have a great time. and i hope elly settles in ok

shillelagh said...

We'll miss you at knitting! I hope your trip is wonderful, even though it's a working one. Come back with lots of stories.


Penny said...

Hope once you get the business part of the trip done with you can have some fun time maybe yarn shopping. LOL

MartianGirl said...

Have fun in Dublin!