Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loose Ends and New Threads

Two loose ends from my last post:

In the comment section Thea remarked on the background I used in the birthday present shots. I love that too, it's the new kitchen tablecloth I bought for this festive season. I'm very fond of it. So much so that I think it may become part of the regular tablecloth rotation around here.

Also in the comment section Nigel reminded me that I failed to mention a brush with greatness during my birthday supper out at a local sushi restaurant. Here's the story:

We (Nigel, Ian and I) were dining out on Saturday the 11th of October (that's two days before my birthday, but since it fell on Thanksgiving this year we went out on the Saturday) at local sushi place, Wasabi. Mid-way through our meal the waitress stopped by the table to check on us and mentioned that LeVar Burton just walked in and was sitting at the bar (the sushi bar). Ian and Nigel have been watching all the various Star Trek series' over the last year or so, and I remember him from his Reading Rainbow days (did anyone else ever watch that? It's still on you know. In re-runs). At the end of our meal we were leaving and we each glanced over to catch a glimpse of him on our way out the door. As it happened I was the last in our line of three and I could see the waitress talking to Mr. Burton and pointing to us (she knew we were there celebrating my birthday), so I paused and, well, stared at him (very uncool). Well, he smiled and waved at me. That's right he SMILED and WAVED. At me! So I smiled and waved back. However, by then Ian and Nigel had already left the building and I had to run down the dark street to catch up with them, so I didn't go ask him for an autograph, or whatever one is suppose to do in that situation. I hope I didn't offend him by not asking for an autograph - what is the protocol?

Let's move onto the needles.

I mentioned in another post that I've been working on a slipover in intarsia. Very fiddly. Lots of bobbins.

I'm almost finished the back. Can you see the pattern? I think it's fairly obvious at this point, it's a union jack. It's being worked in Elann Pure Bamboo. It's lovely yarn, very smooth and silky, though it tends to split easily, much like cotton,so you need to pay attention while you knit. Once I've finished the back I think I'll put this project away for a bit, I've got a few other projects in mind for this autumn.

I also started, finished and sent the October handmade-of-the-month.

A little pair of wrist warmers. The pattern is called Mrs. Beeton and is available for free on These were worked up in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and Rowan Kid Silk Haze with a beaded cast-on edge. They're an extra little layer to wear peeking out from under your jacket sleeves. I thought they might be just the thing for a blustery day in the city. It should arrive by Friday, just under the line for October. Happy handmade for October Jane!

And last, but definitely not least, I finished sewing Ian's Hallowe'en costume. Inspired by the purchased hat, this year he chose to go as the pope.

In researching pope outfits online I came across this. I had no idea he was allowed more than one kind of outfit. John Paul II must have favoured the plain white robes, because that's all that comes to my mind when I imagine what the pope wears.

I like this shot, it reminds me of Saruman the White casting a spell.



emerald_away said...


Oh man, I totally watched that religiously as a kid. Anyone else? No? Not so much? Fine.
When I heard "Levar Burton" I totally forgot that he was the Reading Rainbow guy. I find that much more exciting than Star Trek.

I think you might win the prize for Mother Who Has Had To Make The Most Bizarre Halloween Costumes For Her Strange Children. Really.

Happy Halloween!

emerald_away said...

P.S. Was that slip cover inspired by the English Gents? I'd be willing to bet that it was.

martiangirl said...

Happy Halowe'en! An interesting costume! I went as an evil doctor!

vanessa said...

I've knitted that same slip-over................ is it the Jaeger pattern? It is fiddly isn't it.................. Your's is looking fantastic............... I knitted mine in greys and creams................ Satisfying to do this pattern though.....................

ian said...

Love the Levar Burton story... Brush with greatness for sure! Reading Rainbow is completely unknown to me so I will always know Levar as Jordi Laforge.

Luv that Pope costume! It is indeed somewhat spooky... sorta like the real thing!! I wonder if the Pope ever runs with such abandon across the square at St Peters???

I was just a plain ol' cowboy this year.... ho hum... I will need to be more inventive in future.

noricum said...

I watched Reading Rainbow all the time as a kid!

Your knitting is lovely. :) Great costume, too! (Ironically, my word verification for this comment is "prophe"... I think they forgot a letter, though.)