Saturday, October 18, 2008

Standing Still


I'm writing through Ian's MacBook.

We had the new computer up and running for a day and a half and then...CRASH.

I tried installing a (Vista compatible!!!!) digital camera, and the entire system seized up and keeled over. I've been on and off the phone with Hewlett Packard since yesterday, and Best Buy won't answer their phones.

I'm pretty much at the spitting tacks stage of the process.

We've had to reset the computer back to its original settings, thus losing all the data we had in the thing - granted, there wasn't much, just my e-mail address book and Ian's Spore game, damned annoying just the same.

I'm hoping to have access to my virtual life soon, if anyone knows any really effective incantations (either to punish Best Buy, or save our newest electric family member), please start your upload now.


emerald_away said...

Call James. He'll know how to fix it.

shillelagh said...

Get rid of Vista and put XP on it. End of problems. Vista is a piece of crap.

My deepest sympathies.


martiangirl said...

To bad! But good luck,sorry I'm no help at all!