Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, what a lot of response that little doll received!

All the names were great - I'm going to ignore those who requested I burn her - and I've decided to call her Blossom. She doesn't REALLY look a whole lot like a "Blossom", but it's in memory of Blossom Dearie who passed away on the 7th of this month, and whom I'm very fond.

The ArmourAll gave her saran hair a deep conditioning treatment - much like it does for vinyl car interiors, but after a good rinse her hair was still looking a wee bit untamed.

So I gave her a perm on large perm rods, and as WpgGal mentioned in her comments, all you have to do is pour hot water on her hair (I just held her under the tap), then let dry for a day or so.

Once the perm rods came out she had some VERY tight curls...

which I combed out into long loose curls.

She's still in need of some clothes, but I'll get to that another time. I'm feeling a little uninspired these days. It's still very wintery around here and I'm in the mood to hibernate...

however, before I do I need to show off the February's handmade-of-the-month. This is the grande finale of this yearlong project of making a little something handmade for my sister Jane each month. Since this February (tomorrow, as a matter of fact) marks a big birthday for Jane I wanted to do something special.

****she doesn't like to mention the number but I'll say it's a half century and you can do the math yourself****

So I knit the Modern Quilt Wrap by Mags Kandis. Knit with the reccommended Rowan Kidsilk Haze in more or less the colours suggested, I think it's the perfect wrap for a modern old gal with a bit of an old-fashioned chill.

Happy handmade Jane, and Happy Birthday, too!

Let's have a listen to Blossom Dearie, shall we?


ian said...

Well, I think Blossom is a fine name. Her hair turned out well too.

But that's very sad news about Blossom Dearie. I didn't know she had died. :(

I will have to listen to some of her music this evening in her honour.

emerald_away said...

Your doll is still freaking scary. It's the eyes. I hope it lives in the basement, because I don't want it anywhere near my room.

The quilt wrap looks fantastic though!

Outi Loimaranta / White Country said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm glad I found yours, too! The Magic Quilt Wrap is absolutely stunning, I downloaded the pattern and put it on my "waiting list". Looks a bit complicated with all those colors, but the result is just magnificent.

Jane said...

I received the wrap in the mail yesterday. It's absolutely stunning. The photo doesn't do it justice. Thank-you.
Thea also loves it.

martiangirl said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! (the wrap i mean)
Her hair turned out great. I really have to try that on Janie.