Sunday, February 1, 2009

Handmade Bombs

It's shocking, I know, but January is over now and I never showed you the handmade-of-the-month I sent off to Jane.

This month I made bath bombs. Pale pink, heart-shaped and scented with lots and lots of grapefruit aromatherapy oil.

One got a little squished on it's way out of the mold, sorry about that Jane! I wrapped them in red cellophane and packed them in a ton of packing materials. I hope they stay in one piece (er, four pieces) on their flight.

Happy handmade for January!

And, I know I said I wasn't going to start any new projects until I finished off some of the old ones, but...

I found this fantastic pattern for a pair of mitts. Called Deep In The Forest, the pattern is available here. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn - I'm using Alpaca Drops by Garnstudio. This yarn comes in some fantastic colours. I had enough in cream and oatmeal to make these mitts, so didn't bother going out to buy more yarn. I'm sure Nigel's happy to hear that!

I started the medium size, but my tension is a bit tight and I'm suspecting they might be just a little bit snug on me so they may end up being Elly's (the colours are more Elly too). That's alright though, I wouldn't mind making a second pair, maybe in pale grey and charcoal...or deep plum and ice blue...or loden and cream...hmmmmm


ambermoggie said...

the mitts look lovely, especially useful this weather:) I love the bath bombs, I make them with essential oils also,my favourite is patchouli or sweet orange

emerald_away said...

The bath bombs look awesome!

And just for the record, I would not object to taking those mittens. They're adorable. I love trees.

martiangirl said...

Nice bath bombs! They look great! For some reason I really like those colours. And those mittens are lovely.

Jane said...

ooooohhhhhh bath bombs - I love grapefruit scent - it's my favourite.

Those mittens look lovely too - I love the colours and the pattern. But I need to finish a couple of projects before I start any more.

I'm sure Thea has outgrown the sweater I've been making for her.

Nigel said...

You're going to pick-up a lot of new visitors to your blog with titles like "Handmade Bombs". You're probably being placed on a CSIS watch list as we speak.

ian said...

Well aren't you industrious... Great bathbombs and mittens... and frugal too using yarn you already had. It's the new economy I guess. Just like the depression. Next thing you know you'll be growing potatoes and carrots in the front yard and digging a root cellar so you can store them through the winter!