Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Cap Fit for a Beast

I've spent most of today doing a re-organisation of my mass-produced plastic buttons, I know, I know... you see, this is what you learn about me when I blog everyday. I have a terrible love/hate relationship with these buttons. They're never "good enough" to wire onto a piece of mat board and display, and never quite "good enough" to sew onto a garment, yet, they're too good to send to charity and they're perfect for crafting - which I really should do.  I plan to shove them into glass jars, like this, in hopes that looking at them often will inspire.  

Progress continues on the Cap Shawl, mentioned first in this post.  It's become quite gigantic now and looks like a big fuzzy tam fit for a Sasquatch, this project is definitely going through an awkward phase.  It's so big now it takes nearly half an hour to do one lace row and I'm only on row 133 of 161.  This may take me a while to complete.  I've been working on one or two smaller knitting projects to distract me from this one, but they are nothing I can share yet on the blog, not until much later in the year. 

Did anyone catch this commercial when it aired during the Super Bowl?  I've only just discovered it today.  Fabulous costume!

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Jane said...

love this commercial. Have you seen the one with the girl with lemonade company?