Thursday, February 23, 2012


Recently off the needles, a quick project scarf. 

The yarn is Stargazer by Estelle.  I'm not usually one for polyester/acrylic novelty yarns, but I saw a finished scarf at Wolseley Wool, and was so taken with the project I had to make one myself.

It's made by picking up 125 loops along the top of the yarn, instead of a regular cast-on, then knitting garter stitch for 11 rows, again, only working the loops.

My one complaint about this yarn was that it was extremely slick, and my scarf slid right off the needles twice while knitting, forcing me to start the entire scarf again, fortunately, a stargazer scarf can be knit in one evening, so it only took me two.

The finished project has a very Carman Miranda-esque quality.  Mona, at the yarn shop, mentioned someone using the yarn to make a frilly trim along the bottom edge of a girl's skirt.  I wonder if this will become the "Fun Fur" of the twentyteens?

I'll update tomorrow, here's another video to keep you entertained...

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Nigel said...

I think I like Carmen Miranda more than Of Monsters and Men. Dianna at the office wants me to wear the pink scarf for casual day.