Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Of Monsters, Men and Meyer Lemons

Well, what a lengthy break I've taken from the blog.  So long, in fact, that blogger has changed their format and I have to re-learn how to post to my blog.  This may be the perfect opportunity to live up to my promise on the 101 list to blog every day for two weeks (two weeks, what was I thinking?!) - it's number 75 if you can't be bothered reading through them all. 

So, instead of inundating you with loads of photos and blather about all things from weeks past, I'll be breaking up the excitement into daily installments, a la Dickens, for two weeks!  Promise...

Does anyone remember my wee Meyer Lemon tree, well we harvested the biggest crop yet!  Six! 

After the great harvest, I made Preserved Lemons, which is a new recipe.  I've made preserves before, but this is a bit different, you don't cook the lemons, just pack them into a sterilised jar with salt, spices and lemon juice and leave them in a dark cupboard for two weeks, shaking periodically.

It seems to me like an insufficient amount of sterilisation, however, I'll let you know how they turn out, seeing as I'll be blogging everyday.  Promise...

I should add that immediately after harvest, the tree dropped all of its leaves and now looks as though it's dead.  I should probably find out if lemon trees are deciduous.  They are... aren't they?
Here's a wee treat while we wait for the lemons to preserve themselves, and for leaves to sprout again, a video for Little Talk, by Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men.  It's perfection!


noricum said...

Uh, no, lemons aren't generally deciduous. :(

I read recently that in many cases it's the acid, not the heat, that does the sterilization... I guess the lemons cover that?

Nigel said...

You're really upping the "cool" factor for this blog by linking to the music video of an obscure Icelandic indie band.