Friday, February 20, 2015


Isn't he just adorable?  This is a relatively new acquisition from a local thrift shop - a vintage Ken doll from the early 60s. 

He was laying in a bin, on top of a bunch of tired looking Barbie dolls.  He was like a shining piece of doll history - looking perfectly unplayed with in his pristine original sweater.  His one flaw?  He was pantless!

I won't show photos of the state I found him in.

I quickly remedied his predicament by knitting him up a pair of cream coloured short shorts - very much in keeping with the look of the early 60s.

Are you happy to be fully clothed, Ken?


Jane said...

what a handsome guy and a snappy dresser too!

Nigel said...

He was laying pantless on top of a pile of Barbies? I'm sure that he was delighted to be "rescued".