Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Bassinet

More bassinet snaps!

I bought this bassinet a few years back, and it's been sitting in the basement ever since.  I must have thought it might make a good display for dolls (who knows?!) but it's going to work just fine for an infant.

Elly announced she was expecting in the early autumn, so I pulled the bassinet out of storage and scrubbed it with Murphy's Oil Soap and a bit of bleach out on the deck, hosing it down afterward and letting it dry in the sun.

I made two sheets, one in the little foxes pattern I showed you in the last post, and one in this yellow and grey chevron pattern.

Both equally adorable.  I had a terrible time making the sheets.  I'd originally thought I could make them just like regular sheets, but the mattress is too fine, and starts to curl when you have elastic under the flannel, so instead, I made them like pillowslips (same fabric on both sides) - worked much better!

And the first item I knit for the new little stranger (before I started the shawl), was a pair of booties and a Leti hat by designer Irina Poludnenko.  I made the hat and booties back in October, the same week as my 50th birthday.

Aren't baby projects fun?!    

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