Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our Day Out

Souris is a very small town in south-western Manitoba. It's most famous for its swinging bridge.

Built by a fellow called Squire Sowden in 1904, it crosses the Souris river, spanning 582 feet. The Squire built the bridge to connect his property with the town of Souris - a practical man.

It's very long and looked very sensible.

That is until an eleven year old boy decides its more fun to run at full speed across it.

I don't think I've ever had my legs turn to jelly so quick, I was dizzy the rest of the afternoon. After we finished our tour of the bridge (we not only crossed it, but crossed again to get back to town), we took a spin through Hillcrest Museum. Built for the Squire's son and wife; it over-looks the bridge.

The house was once quite grand. It had these fantastic tin plate ceilings and stained glass windows in almost every room. The town has done a good job of restoring the place, though if you plan a visit, I'd advise not going on a holiday Monday as a lot of businesses were closed.

I might also advise choosing your bridge partner carefully.

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