Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wee Folk

Things are moving pretty slow this week, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show a project from last year.

I'm very fond of Salley Mavor. She operates Wee Folk Studio in the Northeast States. She does beautiful work using textiles and paints. Her creations are so simple, but enchanting. I've made two of her faeries from kits. You can see their size compared to the Loonie one is holding.

They are the blueberry faerie and the rose faerie. There are lots of other kits in different colour combinations and a book as well called Felt Wee Folk available here (if you're interested).

I've also made the Nutcap family. This is two kits, one for the mother and baby, and one for the other three children.

The toadstool house is from a pattern by The Silver Penny. I made this last winter and it was my first attempt at needle felting. It's a good thing I didn't realise I'd chosen a complicated project for my first try. If you've never tried to needle felt, I'll warn you now that you can do serious injury to your fingers with the needles.

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