Sunday, October 14, 2007

Birthday Loot

Thought I'd show you what I got for my birthday.

Inside that lovely big bag were gifts from my daughter Elly:

a new Donna Hay cookbook and a bottle of X-Rated liqueur. She brought the booze back from the States, you can't buy it here yet. It's very nice, blood orange, mango and passion fruit in a vodka base.

From Nigel and Ian:

two Blossom Dearie Cd's, The Fallen Idol DVD, Green Magic by Ann Mauro (Oooo, how to really work that wand!), and

also, the first three seasons of The X-Files, and The Complete Jeeves and Wooster .
It was a great day. After opening my gifts, Nigel slid Blossom Dearie into the CD player and I had a sip of my new liqueur.

If you're going to drink this early in the morning, you should always have your jammies match your booze (I'm sure that's a rule of Bertie Wooster's).

Then in the afternoon we raked all the leaves on the front lawn and afterwards went out to supper. We dined at Tavern in the Park. Very nice, I had the Blue Marlin. After supper we came home and watched two episodes of Jeeves and Wooster and had cake. A great day, all in all .

And then, today, what arrived in the post?

Well, that's a new knitting tote from Knitpicks. So fantastic, and I'm very picky about totes. This one has, not only lots of pockets, but really sensible ones. I'm very pleased. Happy Birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your birthday was terrific. I love that knitting bag, I have so many bags, but not one that's really good. Lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a day late and 10 cents short - hope your special day was as good as it sounded! ;>) Dinner at Tavern in the Park - special !!!

Happy Birthday my little knitting friend!!!!!!


Penny said...

Happy Happy birthday Anne. It sure sounds like it was fun birthday. That is how they should be. HMMM a drink in the morning. AND I agree your jammies should match your drink. I can't wait to see you new bag.

Anonymous said...

Well that is a pile of loot indeed! I love Blossom Dearie and the green bag is great. I think a smart pink drink is a great way to start the day!

Love Ian

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. That's brother Ian, not son Ian on that last post! Son Ian shouldn't know anything about starting the day with a smart pink drink!

martiangirl said...

Happy Birthday!Nice bag! I'd write more but typing takesso long and I hate it!