Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Little Bit of Hallowe'en: Part Two

A few more images from around the house, plus another humiliating Hallowe'en story.

About five years back I found myself needing some extra Hallowe'en supplies and so decided first thing in the morning to pop out to the local mall to get a few items. As I came to the first stop sign, waiting to make a turn, a car drove past me along the road I was about to take to the shops. As the car drove by, I saw the profile of a young man driving, and was certain that I knew him from somewhere. I made my turn and found myself following this man's car all the way to the mall.

The entire drive there I could clearly see the outline of his head and hairstyle and was sure I knew him, but from where?

Did I go to high school with him? No, I'd seen him more recently then that.

Had I worked with him somewhere? No, that wasn't it.

Did I date him in the past? Surely I'd remember that!

As we both pulled into the Zellers parking lot and I watched him get out of his car I could see him wearing a Zellers smock. So, he worked there! Well that was some kind of explanation, though still, I felt I knew him better than that.

After having stared at this man for the entire drive to the mall, close to ten minutes, it hit me.

He was dressed as Wolverine from X-Men (it was Hallowe'en morning).

Adorable? Yes, but I never dated him.

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