Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Too Many Directions?

When I started to blog, I (foolishly) thought that having all my projects revealed to the world (not that I've revealed all yet) would help me to stay focused and, in a way, contained, or maybe constrained, I'm still not sure what I was thinking. As I continue through my Tangled Yoke and Asian Cross-stitch, I can't help but find myself a little bit bored and so dash off to start new projects...

Remember those pincushions, well you're allowed to enter three, so I thought that might be a good place to start. I'm working on a knitted one:

I found the yarn at a thrift store,

It's a gigantic ball of White Buffalo yarn, super-cheap at $1.99.

I'm also making two other pincushions, by way of quilting:

All in the colours green and black. My son, Ian, is particularly fond of these colours at the moment, and I think it's seeped up from my sub-conscious. In an unrelated thought, I'm thinking black and lime-green for Christmas this year too.

Now, I haven't any photos to show, but I've also painted the sun room (an enormous room) and the fireplace and built-in bookcases in the living-room. And... I'm working on the biggest of all organisational feats. Ian's Lego. He use to play with it ALL THE TIME, but over the years he has completely abandoned it. So, I've decided the time has come to organise it all, bag it, and decide if it's staying or going. It's a big job.

A very big job.
We decided to put one together:

I'm not sure what's possessing me to start so many gigantic projects this year. I truly do like to have mostly quick projects that leave me feeling accomplished, but not tied-down. In response to all these behemoths, I thought I'd quickly work up a little instant gratification. A scarf, My So Called Scarf by Sheep in the City. It's knitted up in Manos del Uruguay, I chose the colour Bramble.

Very pretty, and sophisticated, and an easy job too. Mindless knitting, sit-in-front-of-the-TV knitting, why you could even call it plan-out-another-direction knitting.

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