Monday, October 29, 2007

A Busy, Busy Week-end

On Sunday Nigel, Ian and I made a trip out to St. Andrew's-on-the-Red Church. It's a very old church, at least by prairie standards, at 150+ years. There is a fantastic old cemetery on the grounds, and almost every year we make a trip out to soak up a little atmosphere and history.

The sun was shining, but the wind was vicious, I thought the car door was going to blow right off it's hinges when I opened it. St. Andrew's is a lovely little hamlet built along the riverbank. The last time we were house-hunting, we looked at a place on River Road, but it wasn't for me. A bit too rural, and I think perhaps, the mention of how to care for the septic field put me off. I'm a city girl.

These tombstones look very friendly. I wonder if the people had known each other?

The dark, menacing looking creature sitting in the tree is Ian.

The day before, Saturday, we went to the Manitoba Comic Convention. I expected to see a lot of hard-core fans in costume (especially so close to Hallowe'en), but there weren't nearly as many as I would have guessed (only 4 or 5). I'll confess I was a bit disappointed by that, hmm... I wonder what that says about me. I really like the idea of dressing up in something outlandish, I suppose I'm a closet exhibitionist. We DID get to meet David Prowse (he's the fellow in the Darth Vader suit). Nigel is a big Star Wars fan and it was a huge thrill to meet this particular icon. Mr. Prowse was very pleasant and down-to-earth and let me take a photo of him with Nigel and Ian. Within minutes of being home Nigel had that photo uploaded to the computer and sent all over the world, did I mention he's a fan?

In news from the needles:

I finished the "My So Called Scarf" Scarf. It's posing beside a wee tam I made last spring. I can't remember which book the tam pattern is from at the moment, but if anyone is interested, just ask and I'll go look it up.

I've also reached a new stage in the Tangled Yoke Cardigan:

I've finally got all the sleeves (OK, both the sleeves) and the body all together on one needle and I'm knitting the yoke. I had been getting quite bored with this project, but it's a little more exciting now.

One last thing, on Sunday a big parcel full of all kinds of goodies arrived from my sister. She's sending me a button-of-the-month as a birthday present.

October's is a very beautiful rhinestone and pearl number, and she made the card too! Isn't it just fantastic!

Some fabrics, thread and stickers. The stickers were promptly claimed by the kids.

Thrift store found buttons, she knows me well.

And look at this. This skeleton was made by my niece (remember now, she's just ten) out of sculpey. The detail on this is amazing, it's about three and a half inches tall. Look at those little tiny fingers and toes! Another fabulous creation Thea!

Also in the parcel was a snowflake hand towel for the powder-room and a book by E.Nesbit. My sister, Jane, added the book because the parcel had an empty space at the top once she'd packed it all - that's so very like her, very generous. Thank you Jane!


Vicki said...

Button of the month is such a great idea. What fun to have a little something to look forward to every month...Vicki at

Jane said...

guess I should have mentioned that Thea made the card. We got the blank card and all the stickers (including the lovely autumn ones on the card)at the Sandylion Sticker Outlet here in Toronto. They have wonderful deals on stickers and scrapbooking stuff. They now have stickers with licensed characters on them too (alas not as heavily discounted as the generic kind of stickers).

shillelagh said...

You got some really neat stuff in your birthday parcel(grin). Enjoy!