Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little Bit of Hallowe'en: Part One

I promised you a little something Hallowe'eny for this post, so here are a few images from around the house and an unrelated story.

I very rarely get dressed in costume for Hallowe'en, though every year I promise myself that the next year, for sure, I'll create and don something fantastic. When that next year rolls around, of course, I'm too busy, or not in the mood, or uninspired.

Well, a few years ago, while out thrifting I came across the most fantastic lime-green nylon quilted housecoat and matching nightgown. I was inspired! I was going to be a HOUSEWIFE! (note: the fact that I was living the housewife life everyday, in a nice little house, on a nice little street didn't occur to me at the time.)

To go with my lime extravaganza, I bought a pink shower cap, orange rubber gloves, large fuzzy leopard-print slippers and some knee-high stockings. When Hallowe'en night came I painted my face bright blue to look like a face mask. I was all set to hand out candy to the neighbourhood children.

Some of the little ones giggled, some were a little frightened, most of the parents smiled and waved. It all seemed to be going over well enough.

And then, a woman arrived at the door with two little fairy princesses and said to me,

with complete sincerity,

"Oh dear, did we catch you at a bad time?"

I've never dressed up since.

Though, I'm thinking... maybe... this year....


noricum said...

At first I was laughing... but then... um...

aniexma said...

I know, I know. I was completely mortified. To be fair though, the woman (her name was Kim), realised in a flash that she'd said something really stupid, and I could tell by the look on her face that she felt a complete fool. I take a little pleasure in that.

Jane said...

makes me wonder what era that get-up would have qualified as 'normal'? I'm having some weird mental time-warp - Happy Days? Coronation Street circa 1960's? Or is it that some people take life so seriously, they don't quite spot the absurd twists right away?.... hmmm I will ponder on this.