Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Coventina arrived today. Remember, I swapped Amber some Fleece Artist Goldilocks for one of her dolls, and it's oh so lovely.

Named for Coventina, the goddess of wells and springs, Amber writes that Coventina represents, to her, emotions and inner peace.

Isn't that fantastic!

She also has great shoes:

Like she's been standing all day in a bog. Reminds me of a pair I had back in my twenties.

She's going to live on the mantle for the time being, behind the big black crow.

Thank you amber, she's perfect.


ambermoggie said...

my pleasure I am so pleased you like her:)

MartianGirl said...

Scary! I can't believe you actually like that kind of stuff!?

Jane said...

She's wonderful! Not scary at all. I remember those shoes, Anne.