Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Garden, Bad Dog

A few snaps from around the garden. The flowers are looking pretty good this year, there's been a perfect combination of sun and rain, and warm and cool.

Though the plants are healthy, I'm disappointed with the choices I made at the garden centre earlier this year. Last years garden was so much nicer, but I suppose I'm still learning.

I loved snapdragons as a child, we would pop their heads off and make impromptu puppets. As bedding plants I'm finding them a bit scrawny, I think they need to be placed with lower growing annuals.

I added baby's breath to the garden this year. It's a perennial, and being its first year in the garden, it's looking quite scraggly. Next year will be better.

These lovely bell flowers were a gift from my mother-in-law, Maureen. She gave them to us a few years back and this year they've been particularly good - a gorgeous shade of blue-purple and shaped like a perfect mound.

Lilies, I planted quite a few last year, but they're still looking a bit blah. Let's have a gander at some that were planted long before we bought the house.

While helping me with the weeding, Gus found this:

a tiny nest of bunnies. Elly guesses they are about a week old.

There's three left.

There were originally four, but Gus being Gus just couldn't resist taking one out of the nest to play and promptly broke it's neck.

Bad dog.


MartianGirl said...

Oh the poor poor little bunny! Bad Gus! Nice flowers though.☻

ian said...

Oh, Gus!!! You very bad boy. The remaining bunnies look very cute. Nice flower pictures too by the way.

Nigel said...

At last I'm able to contribute to this blog in a meaningful way. Here is a link to some tasty rabbit recipes...


I don't think we have enough for Rabbit Surprise, but we may have enough for some nice rabbit appetizers.

Jane said...

I am traumatized by the death of the poor little baby bunny. Bad dog, bag Gus. Bad Nigel for thinking of bunny recipes. Think of the poor mommy rabbit and how sad she will be that one of her babies is missing.

shillelagh said...

Oh, the poor bunnies. Bad doggie and bad, bad Nigel. (shakes finger at him)

I'm off to sniffle in a corner. ;>(