Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sewing Is So Much Quicker

Really and truly, I need to weed the garden and clean the house, and yet I continually find ways to avoid all that.

Years ago I spent lots of time sewing things for myself, and as time past I veered off towards knitting instead, but recently I bought some fabric that appealed.

And so...I'm trying to remember a few of the old tricks. One I remembered is to keep it simple. I bought this ultra easy wrap skirt pattern from Indygo Junction. An excellent choice if I do say so. In fact, it's so easy that I may buy a couple more of their patterns. This skirt was sewn in an afternoon - oh, so quick!

A great trick that I forgot was to avoid installing zippers at all costs. I chose a dress pattern from McCall's (I don't even like McCall's) that required a zip down the back. I sewed it in and ripped it out four times, FOUR!

I won't be forgetting that rule in a hurry. I still need to attached the sleeves, and do the hem, and then...well, if it's not suitable to be seen in public, then at least I'll have something colourful to wear while I mow the lawn and dig the weeds (apologies in advance to the neighbours).

I loved the fabric, purchased at Fabricland, it was fairly cheap and mostly cotton, with just s a hint of Lycra. I don't normally wear yellow, but there seemed to be enough grey to balance it out, and I suppose the lawnmower won't notice if it doesn't suit.

Hot off the needles, I finished the Molly Ringwald Tank Top from Knitscene. I worked this top in Maggi Knits Linen, but instead of pink I opted for an icy blue, only because I happened to have enough in this colour in my stash. The pattern was very quick to knit and has a bit of shaping to the waist, very flattering. I wore it this afternoon and found it just a tad on the big side, so I soaked it in water and threw it in the dryer. I've checked on it once so far, and it looks even bigger, but I'm going to persist with a hot dryer and see if I can't shrink it up just a wee bit.

I'll let you know how that one turns out.

Late today I had a message on my voicemail from Thea saying the handmade-of-the-month arrived for June, but no-one could figure out what it was,

that's a jar of homemade mango chutney and a dishcloth in blue and green to help with the dishes. Happy Homemade for June!

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Elly said...

I see you got the boy to hold up the skirt for you. Why was he not modelling it like you made me model the apron? The skirt is adjustable...