Friday, July 25, 2008

More Than Bunnies

Let's open with some knitting, shall we?

Despite the blog's appearance, there's been more than just bunnies growing.

Progress continues on the seaweed stole. The dark red yarn in the photo is a "lifeline". It's there in case I make some kind of horrendous error, I can rip out all my stitches back to where ever the thread is. It's a very useful tool when working a complicated pattern. I've never used one before, but this is a design beast and my concentration skills aren't what they once were.

Since this such a slow-going project, I've got a couple of easy options waiting for me in the knitting basket.

This will be a cosy for one of my many tarot card sets. Hardly a necesary item, but it should be a quick and easy knit and I'm using up odds and ends from the leftovers bag. specifically, this yarn is Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool. It's an excellent yarn, there's lots of metreage per skein and it's a lovely combination of the softness of wool and the chalkiness of silk, a great multi-season yarn (not overly pricey either). The colours are fabulous too, I've got leftovers of purple and black - perfect for the particular tarot card set I'm knitting this for, I'm going to show them to you another day.

I've also been finishing up one of my Mum's projects. Years ago she made a doll called Maggie (there's going to be a special post about Maggie tomorrow). She's a beautiful doll, about the size of a newborn. Mum sewed an outfit for her and knit a wee sweater and most of a matching hat. In the photo you can see the pieces for the hat. I've finished the hat and will post photos of Maggie wearing her new togs tomorrow.

I know many of you want to see how the bunnies are progressing, and here they are this morning.

They just barely fit in the nest.

Elly has started naming them. The one with no white on the forehead is Flipsy, that's the one she was holding from a previous post, it flipped out of her hands right after the shutter snapped. The one with the large white blaze is Dot, and the one with the small white blaze is Gerry.



noricum said...

What a lovely sweater!

shillelagh said...

The doll sweater is darling, and so are the bunnies!

MartianGirl said...

Ooohhh... So cute! What adorable names.

Granny said...

Granny says the yarn she used for Maggie's hat was a different colour because she made it 5 years later.