Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, What Have I Done

I've discovered a new obsession, or should I say layers of obsession.

I signed up to both ravelry and facebook.

Ravelry is a knitting and crochet community where you can swap information about yarns, patterns, shops, etc. You create your "notebook" filled with your own information and you can tap into anyone else who's registered. I spent all last week-end photographing every type and colour of yarn I have in my stash, recording each size of needle and crochet hook and registering each knitting book, magazine or booklet that I own. I recorded (with photos) each project I had lying around or, for gifted ones, had photos of. It was an incredible amount of work.

I've since discovered that most people don't do all that work in two days. Shelagh and Penny have been members since last autumn and they still haven't recorded all their yarn or books. The site also allows you to swap yarn with people, which I did. I swapped Amber some Fleece Artist Goldilocks for one of her elemental figures. The one she calls coventina, it's the first photo in the post. It's winging its way to me now and I'm very excited.

I can see how ravelry could completely take over ones life. It's world-wide, so there are knitters on-line adding information at all times of the day and night, oh my...

and then there's facebook. I haven't used facebook to search out long lost friends, or I should say that I looked briefly and didn't find anyone, but I've been playing endless games with my brother and his friend (both in Victoria) and my sister (in Toronto) and my daughter (we live in the same house).

I've been avoiding signing up to both sites, knowing they could suck all the time away from the hobbies, blogging, housework and my time with the family...(should I have put those in a different order?) Oh dear, oh dear, oh, dear...

I did restart the seaweed stole that I had torn out earlier this year. I'm not sure why I had such a terrible time with it the first go round. It's complex and fiddly, but not impossible.

Since this snap I've finished all twelve of the tendrils and have started on the body of the stole.

That was quite a lot of work too.

I suppose now that I've knit a bit and blogged a bit I should really get some housework done.

First though, I'll just check facebook for any new games......


ambermoggie said...

oh isn't ravelry a time drain:)) I haven't signed up to facebook as I figure that rav is enough. Otherwise no time to play:)
hopefully Coventina should be there soon:)

Jane said...

argggghhhhhh I have wasted so much time on facebook that I am not even going to log on to it tomorrow. I need to clean the house, do the laundry, and get the mildew off the bathroom ceiling.

MartianGirl said...

Mildew on the bathroom cielling?(Gross!)So Far this cleaning thing is so boring! And you do spend a lot of time on facebook now don't you?!

ian said...

The day after you told me about ravelry, an acquaintance of mine in Victoria, Walter, added me as a friend on Facebook and immediately started telling me about ravelry. I guess he's into that sort of thing. I'd never heard of ravelry before and then twice within a day.

Yes, Facebook is terribly addictive. It's a black hole for time and energy. I'm up till after midnight every night just trying to get caught up on all those games.